Let Adla sell your inventory 

Adla puts your clothes in the hands of your ideal customers

 Adla’s average conversions from discovery to purchase is 64% compared to running an Instagram ad which has a 1.08% conversion. 

Adla was a gamechanger for our brand's sales. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on Instagam ads with the hope the right people will discover your products and buy.

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Why Adla?

We discovered that if you give customers a curated shopping experience and you let them discover clothes in-hand, customers are more likely to make a purchase. 

Get discovered by your ideal customers 

Adla’s software gathers data on our userbase which allows our stylists to curate from your inventory, leading to more intentful marketing and higher conversions to purchase. 

Adla offers the last mile delivery for free. Adla offers delivery and pickups - giving customers a 10x online shopping experience.

Free last-mile delivery

Higher margins

Brands can ship in bulk to Adla’s micro fulfilment centres instead of shipping to individual customers.

We provide data on how your clothes are performing compared to other retailers who sell through us.

Analytics that help you sell

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