frequently (and infrequently) asked questions...


i’m vegan/ shop sustainably/ fat/ thin/ old/ young/ pregnant/ goth/ a reincarnated dragon/ passionately opposed to all things velour, can you help?

one word: yes. dragon or goth, you are RAD to adla.


what brands does adla shop from?

there are too many to list here – she’s got 100s that she handpicks from for you! but some favorites include: princess polly, revolve, reformation, zara, verge girl, and

ré​alisation par. adla is always growing her network based on what YOU want! so hit her up on the gram if there’s a brand you can’t get enough of.

adla can shop from literally ANY store! send her links of clothes you'd like to try on and she'll buy it for you, and it'll be in next week's adla bag!


how long do i have to try them on?


we give you two days to try on the clothes.

how do i return the clothes?


just leave the bag outside your dorm on pickup day. that's it! crazy right???


how much does it cost?


you don’t have to pay any money upfront. if you can only afford one dress, but want to try on three, you can! woohoo! pay for the ones you want to keep AFTER you’ve tried them on. adla adds only $5 to the original price of the clothes you want to keep, just to cover delivery and taxes. isn’t this how it should always be?!

if this is all free, how does adla make the guap $$$?


we make the majority of our money from charging the brands and boutiques a commision when you find an item you love. the brands are happy their clothes are getting discovered and you're happy as you've found clothes you love... we all happy♡ 

how do i pay up?


the first time you use adla, we will text you a link for you to make a payment. adla accepts visa, mastercard, american express, JCB, discover, and diners club. for future drops we'll automatically be able to charge you card! all payments are secured by Stripe!


can i use adla wherever i live?

adla is currently active at high point university, clemson, elon university, and duke university! BUT DO NOT FRET! adla's got plans to expand to wake forest, east carolina, UF, university of miami, university of south carolina, AND alabama in 2021! go ahead and her up on instagram if you’d like her to come to your neighborhood! 

does my bum look too big in this?

no. always no ♡

why do i always get bbq sauce on my brand new white shirts?


because it’s a cruel world.


is anyone still reading this?

idk ru ???